What’s a country to do?

Tomorrow is National Prayer Day here in America.

I have been inundated by social media, newspapers, newscast and Christian web sites that solidify a “doom and gloom” future for America and the world. There are more books being written about how these are the “last Days.” If these are the Last Days, why are we [the Church] not more concerned about the Lost instead of our own comfort and convenience? The theme passage tomorrow is 1 Kings 8:28 – it is the prayer of Solomon at the dedication of the Temple he built. A parallel passage which is more familiar is 2 Chronicles 6&7 [2 Chron. 7:14]. King Solomon focused  not “if” but “when” the people of Israel drifted and departed from worshiping the true God to worship of cults and idols.  He was the wisest man, he knew that the people were fickle and would drift away from God. So he outlined several situations where he knew the people would be found unfaithful, and asked God to “hear their cry” and deliver them from their own generated dilemma.

As we look at United States, much of the news is about how bad conditions are here. There has been a lot of publicity about Prayer and prayer groups. I know in my own denomination there is the rally cry for people to pray about another “Great Awakening.”

Just as God told Israel if they would obey His commands and statutes, they would be blessed and their enemies would receive the wrath of God. However, if Israel wouldn’t obey the LORD, then the wrath intended for the pagans would become Israel’s fate, and the unbelieving nations would receive the blessings.

There is a danger with disobedience and departure from God. I believe that a person, church, community and nation can become so far removed by disobedience, that the Glory of God will depart and eventually God will not hear the cry of His people. In Jeremiah there are a number of passages that tell Jeremiah not to pray for the people for God will not hear their cry. [Jer. 16:5; 14:11; 11:14]

My greatest concern with conditions of America and the world is have we come to the stage of global apostasy and anarchy that God no longer listens, and His wrath is soon to be poured out. Ezekiel 22:30-31, tell us that Judah got to the point where there was no one who had the heart of God, no one was praying and seeking the LORD.

Now that I have painted such a gloom and doom picture; I must still hold out for hope. Passages such as 2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Kings 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:10-14; give us hope. We must pray, but we must become desperate for the heart of God. Like the nation of Israel in Egypt crying out for deliverance and the Negro spirituals sang by the slaves for freedom; we must desperately seek out and call upon the LORD. We have to come to the end of ourselves and Hope the our prayers are not too late where God has turned a deaf ear!

The Church, the Bride of Christ must quit her adulterous ways – Jesus is faithful always. Faithful to bless, but equally faithful to discipline. Will America turn, will you and I turn from our wicked ways?


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