Jim Grant

Welcome to Preach Between The Line Blog!

This year’s blog – for 2017 will be based largely on what is called the Pentateuch, or Torah in Judaism. We will extend the readings to include Joshua and Judges. This will give us a good understanding of how God brought forth His people Israel and their wandering before entering into the Promise Land. We ill finish up the year with a study of the Gospel of Luke. If you have been following this blog the last few years, we will have walked through nearly 75% of the bible together. I hope you will continue to look in and see what the bible reveals and promises to those who believe by Faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Find the daily readings under the menu 2017 Pentateuch.

A little about me:  I am Jim Grant, Pastor of Heartland Baptist Church. I have been in pastoral ministry for 19years.

I have pastored 4 churches, all with a different level of church health. God has enabled me to grow in skills and knowledge of “How to revitalize a Church. My military background, having spent nearly 25 years in the Air Force; has a lot to do with ministering to hurting churches.

I am a graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a M Div  w/Biblical languages. I have a D Min in Church Revitalization from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My dissertation was based on Prayer. The title was Identifying and implementing principles of intercessory prayer as a means of revitalizing a Plateaued Church. The Lord has opened door ways for me to be a conference speaker. This year I will travel to Kansas, Canada and Florida participating in Church Revitalization conferences.

I am passionate about Church Health, Revitalization and revival of the Church.

Recently I was told that 91% of all churches are plateaued, declining and dying. This figure broke my heart. There are not enough “revitalizers” to fix the problem; it will take an all out reformation/revival by God to accomplish this great of a task. My section on Church revitalization is simply to engage in conversation like minded people about turning around the epidemic of death in American churches.I have also been given opportunities to share experiences and knowledge about church revitalization. I am a conference speaker and available for dialog and consultation.

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