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Proverbs Parenting

Last week was more of an introduction to Proverbs, written by King Solomon the heir of King David to the throne of united Israel. King Solomon is known for his many wives and concubines, his myriad of chariots and horses, the “Solomon mines” myth or reality story; our focus is on his Wisdom. At the request of God, Solomon was asked to request one gift or wish – He asked for Wisdom and God granted him the “wisest man ever” title with all the luxuries and wealth besides.

Where did he get the ability to know how/what to ask for? In Proverbs 4 we find that his father had been teaching and instructing him in the understanding of Wisdom. So when we wonder how Solomon knew to ask for wisdom rather than some other “human desire”, we find that he was following his father David’s advice.

Being a Proverbs Parent is difficult, especially in today’s cultural environment. There is a tendency to give way too much credence to youth and their ideas, than to give them the hard-earned and learned sage wisdom of living. Children of all ages do not need “friendly parenting” they need a strong loving and disciplining parent. I can already hear some saying “oh hear we go someone who is out of touch with reality is going to tell me how to raise my children.” Nope I’m going to let God’s Word do that. I remember growing up and hearing about a well-known author on parenting – Dr. Spock ring a bell? When i think of how many parents followed his advice [he wasn’t married and didn’t even have children when he wrote his parenting book]; how many bought into the ill-advice he promoted? We got plenty of Dr. Spock parented kids running around out of control as adults!  The christian environment has been trying to offset such teaching with things from James Dobson and others – Parenting By Grace.

Parenting is the hardest job anyone can do; and the results are eternal. I know as a pastor so many broken and dysfunctional families in and out of the church. Often I hear parents talk and say “I took them to Church, they attended the youth group, or went to Youth Camps” “I don’t know why they are they way they are – I’ve done everything!” Hummm, not to guilt trip parents but the youth minister, camps and weekly church activities do not suffice if they are not reinforced at home!

There is such a contrast between a “home schooled child” and a church schooled child.” Parents must talk about life with their children. I know it’s embarrassing; better to learn from you than from the kids at school. I grew up in a disciplining home; I did fear getting in trouble because I knew the consequences if I did. We wonder why children are rebellious, uncontrollable and flat out brats? Someone told me one time if you don’t like what your kids are acting like – look in the mirror! Ouch! Parenting with “I’m counting to three!; you’re going grounded and I will put you in time out – doesn’t work. Children need instruction from their parents; they need examples from their parents. Proverbs is a great book for self-reflection. The book is filled with adult topics of discussion for families.

There are warnings after warnings of what happens to rebellious, sensual, godless living. Life has repercussions – so does sin! We talk to our children about everything except the very topics they need to hear from parents not liberal teachers and street lawyers. The “Living for Me” attitude is catastrophic for the person and society. Immorality is not benign; pornography is not harmless – it is an opioid of addiction. Proverbs 6 is a great warning to both men and women about their sexual prowess. The sanctity of marriage is real – divorce is terrible and damaging to lives – Tell your children “Don’t Go There!” There could be volumes written on the attraction of beauty. Sensual living has its moment; but it also has its scars and disgrace.

I know this may sound like ranting and raving – but our society and our global are filled with the debasing of women, children and the homosexual agenda that promotes itself as “Born that way”  – “It’s how God made me” LGBTQA has been around a lot longer than just this generation. Remember the evil cities that were destroyed because of defiled men? It saddens me to think that my grandchildren are growing up in a world that has so inundated us with their ideological heresy that my grandchildren think that “alternate lifestyles” is a right. Proverbs gives every mom and dad the topics of discussions for their children. Talk about these topics from the vantage point of God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Solomon isn’t the only one who can ask for wisdom and get – James 1:5 we can have it too!

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Proverbs -Daily Living all Month

I know the title is a bit weird, but when we look at the book of Proverbs, there are 31 of them which easily transfers to a month of reading.  When we come out of the Praise and Worship of the Psalms we tend to feel exhilarated a bit. Proverbs brings us back to reality. The book of Proverbs is the work of the Son of King David by Bathsheba – Solomon. Surprised, we shouldn’t be, God uses what everyone else says is nothing [1 Corinthians 1:20-31]

Proverbs, written by the wisest man ever is the daily application of the Word of God. In our culture today we have books and reports, investigations and research galore. The bible says that knowledge will increase and men will go to and fro, their hearts failing them for the stress – my paraphrase. So what is the difference between knowledge, wisdom, instruction, and application? Knowledge is just the awareness of facts and ideas. People have all kinds of knowledge, yet no nothing of how to apply it, much less understand what the information means. Wisdom is the understanding the WHAT and the WHY of knowledge. Wisdom does not come cheap, as we find in the Proverbs.  Instruction is the How the information and understanding fit together to achieve results. The last variable needed to put it all together is APPLICATION to life. I know many people who read a lot, know so much more than I and understand the significance of the information, yet can’t seem to get the life application for themselves.

Solomon does a great job with trying to communicate what God has blessed him with from his prayer. I don’t want to get too far ahead, but the book of Ecclesiastes was a test by Solomon to find out if there was anything in the world that rivaled God. He was in position to do so having abundant resources and unlimited opportunities. In the end he determined – Serve God all else was futile.

Our book at hand – Proverbs is a daily living manual for the believer. I often had to tell my girls growing up that “all that glitters isn’t gold.” Proverbs gives us the reality check for many issues and vices found in the fallen world. Sin can look so tantalizing, never revealing the full repercussions of sinful behavior in the end. Solomon is straight forwards about prostitutes and flirting by “ladies of the evening.” Solomon had 1000 wives and concubines. Yet he knows that his dad had an adulterous affair. I am not saying Bathsheba was a woman on the prowl, I am saying that men fall for the fleshly beauty of a woman! When Solomon writes about the wiles of woman and how they can tempt men – he is warning men STAY WAY! In our current day we have heard of so many men that have failed over wrongful sexual relationships in and out of the Church.

Solomon gives insight in to daily activities, then brings us the penalty and effects of participating is such behavior. Throughout the month we will be looking a so many of life’s vices and their failings effect on mankind.

On a personal note – Proverbs alone will beat you up about your life. That is why so many advocate reading other scripture so one doesn’t get beat into the ground. Again, Proverbs will hit us right where we live-if convicted, then repentance and restitution is necessary – readers beware, Proverbs will expose your life!!

Another way I could put the effect on its reader is – reproof. Read Proverbs in your prayer closet – get the work done that is indicated by the Holy Spirit. It is easy for us to say that we are okay – we haven’t done any of those things – Aright, then please read Matthew 5:21-48; then tell me you are perfect!

As we read, capture the Warning and the Application Solomon gives to us – prevention, abstention; good advice is hard to come by these days – don’t miss this time to reflect, repent and be restored. Oh that we had people talk to us about these things so many years ago!


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