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I’m Back!

My apologies for being out of pocket for over a month. To tell you the truth I have been overwhelmed with all the election and the way in which our country has conducted itself, from all sides. Since we were looking at the 16 prophets in the Old Testament and specifically Ezekiel, I had to take a break from all the doom and gloom. I have sort of taken a respite of sorts. I did just return from a Revitalization conference in Orlando, which served to give me some much needed space from all the rhetoric.

Since the election I have found that nothing is different, however we must still dedicate ourselves to prayer and fasting for our Lost and Unredeemed world. With President-Elect Trump we must understand that while Americans have voted, God has given power for him to serve as our President. This all is not without controversy. But in the end, we as believers and children of God must serve Christ not Caesar.

I am starting back today with the blog and will be posting on Zechariah shortly.

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