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From Weariness to Wonderment

In the readings of Psalm 15-20 we find the life of David taking various mood swings. Last week we read about how David was weary from all of the stress of being pursued by Saul. [enemies] David is weary from the constant barrage of attacks from physical enemies and spiritual enemies. In Psalm 17 – 18 David begins to find the resolve and rest from his attackers. But the relief doesn’t really appear for him until there is exhaustion. I find that our lives are like that today; while it may not be from enemies attacking us, but from stress of the culture and politics. There is enough stress and angst with just everyday living, but to compound life with health, sicknesses and other issues puts a believer in a turmoil. As we read David crying out to the LORD for relief and rest, i hear the soul of David praying and hoping for a quick deliverance. It is difficult to have to weather storms, but go through the storms we must. It is in the “staying the course” that we gain strength of our faith and resolve to press on. Our faith in Jesus Christ is our Rock, David understand the necessity to depend on the LORD only – he has a testimony during the time of Saul’s search and evil spirit to remain faithful to God. David speaks of his own faith, and how that the Father has tested him and found him to be faithful. James 1:2-5 tells us that we should count trails and struggles as joy – honestly that really sounds like dumb advice. But when we look into the “situation” that we have been through – great joy comes to us. In Psalm 18 we get an inside ear to listen to David’s great joy for being delivered from Saul and his enemies. The first verse says it all “I love you, O LORD, my strength!

When we are going through the trials of life , it is difficult to keep proper perspective and reality. It seems that when there is calamity in our life – everything, routine things of life become so overwhelming. Our senses are heighten to our surroundings, so much so we can become paranoid. Learning to trust in difficult times, when there doesn’t seem to be much reason to hope is when our faith grows.

Psalm 18:7-15 resound with the work of God in answering the prayers of His children. I have often watched a mother respond to her child’s cries. A mother will swoop in a take control of the situation. I pity anyone who got in her way! The response in the verses reflect the power and anger [righteously] in God’s response to David’s prayer. Suddenly David is no longer depressed or self-defeated in his spirit because of the circumstances – he talks of the joy and the leaping like a deer or jumping over a wall because of the freedom from his enemies. Now David does give reason why God responds as he does – David was righteous before God in his dealing with Saul. Several times David could have taken Saul’s life, even his men told him he should – but David revered the position Saul held and wouldn’t do anything against the “Anointed of God”. How many of us could say that we have been righteous towards our enemies when they attacked us?

In Psalms 19-20, there is continuation of the joy and relief of David – his words resound with wonderment at the LORD God who has delivered and rescued his life. How much more should we be today as believers who have been delivered from Satan, Sin and struggles of life through Jesus Christ. No more war, No more weariness – Wondrous Praise and Wonderment of soul; for the magnificent power and love of God towards us!!

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From a Flood to a Fire

After reading Genesis 18  and recounting the wonderful picture of Jehovah and Abraham fellowshipping and conversing; which culminates in the exact promise of a son for he a Sarah; we get to what is one of the saddest chapters in the Bible.  The story of Sodom and Gomorrah destruction has been used and re-used to predict the destruction and condemnation of homosexuals.  While it is clear that there was great wickedness in the valley cities, there is another reason I find this to be one of the saddest chapters in the Bible. The Life of Lot, nephew to Father of Our Faith, Abraham is a stark reminder of what sin will do to a life.  Remember that Lot chose Sodom in Genesis 13. He chose it with his eyes and heart of greed. The choice is similar to the senses used by Eve to make her decision to eat. Now if you didn’t know anything about the rest of the story, you might think he chose wisely. Genesis 13:12 says that Lot moved his tents as far as Sodom. But it also says in verse 13 that the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked against the LORD. Later in Genesis 14, we find the Abram has to come to the rescue of his nephew, for he was taken prisoner. Genesis 14:12 now says that Lot was “living in Sodom.” Even after Abraham rescues Lot and family from the enemies, Lot returns to Sodom.  We move forward to Genesis 18, God hears the “outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah and that their sin is exceedingly grave.” Pretty much sin unto death stuff. The LORD does not hide the thing He has planned to do to Sodom [all valley cities]. Abraham, like Moses in the future will intercede on behalf of Sodom – starting with if there are 50 righteous will you destroy? God is holy and just, He says no, this intercession continues all the way down to 10 righteous people; again God says He won’t destroy the cities if 10 righteous are found – but there were more righteous before the Flood [8] than now. Genesis 19, two of the men [angels] go down to Lot and Sodom. verse 1 says that Lot was “sitting at the gate.” To sit at the gate is a reference to being a city official or person on prominence in the town.  Lot has moved closer and gotten more entrenched in the lifestyle of the Sodomites. He is now sitting at the gate, free as you please to be there. But when he sees the two men come, obviously recognizing them as from the LORD, he tries to get them to come stay with him, but the want to stay in the square – most likely filled with all “local activity.” Lot convinces them to stay with him, then all the town wants to come in and take them away and have relations with them – find now the solution for Lot – “Hey here is my virgin daughters, take them and do what you will, but leave these men alone.” WHAT how far has Lot fallen into this gross situation? He even calls the Sodomites “My brothers.” Genesis 19:12 – get your son-in-laws and family out of here, we are about to destroy this place. Lot’s prospective sons-in-laws shrug him off as if he were joking. When morning comes, the men [angels] literally have to pull Lot and family out of the city – even with impending destruction, Lot hesitated to leave. We know that Lot’s wife looked back at what was home and became a pillar of salt. Lot goes to Zoar for he fears the mountains, yet Zoar was just as fearful to live, so when we find Lot and his daughters clear of Sodom they are living in a cave in the mountains. Lot was saved because of the intercession of Abraham and the compassionate hand of the LORD.

Note the downward spiral of Lot; chose Sodom with his eyes and heart of greed. Went and camped by the city, then he moved his tents inside the city, then he becomes a city official, well sort [Genesis 19:9] they only let him think he was one of them. Finally, God has to literally extract Lot out of the grips of sin to save him from total destruction. What was Lot thinking! Oh, wait a minute, that’s what Jesus did to me too. The sad testimony of Lot is that through incestuous relations with his daughters, two nations Moabites and Ammonites become thorns in the side of Israel for hundreds of years.  Sin is powerful, it is engulfing and it is deadly. Mere man cannot escape its clutches – it takes divine intervention through the prayers of the saints and the omnipotent power and mercy of God – Let us take heed!

Least we miss this – Abraham interceded for Lot not Sodom and Gomorrah!

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