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The Missing Link

Our reading this week was about the epic Flood and Noah. The Flood is the Missing Link in understanding our current earth condition. The scientists have argued for decades about how old the earth is from their scientific dating tests. The problem with dating and understanding the “Origins and Beginnings” of our planet usually doesn’t include the Flood account in research and scientific hypothesis. While the Bible is not a science book it does hold the key to understanding our world. The problem with what scientists “think happened” and what actually happened is a result of science starting from the wrong point of reference. The academic world always starts with what the “have”; by this I mean that they are trying to discover the formation and history of Earth from a faulty model – using what is in front of them. Well if the science world is using what they presently have available to them to test, observe and analyze, they will always come up with the wrong conclusions.  Including the Flood event is imperative to understanding why things are the way they are today. In Genesis, we quickly find that mankind fouls things up. In the time of Noah, only the 8th generation from Adam, the world has entrenched itself in evil – fleshly satisfying activity. Only Noah has found favor with God. Build the Ark with is 450x75x45 feet for those who are not versed in cubits. It takes a hundred years to build; Noah’s sons only know the building of the Ark. I can’t imagine what life must have been like during that process. The reason for the Ark, God is going to cause it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights – up till now it hasn’t rained. [Genesis 2:6] This is an important clue to climatic conditions of earth [think of a terrarium, where the environment generates its own watering system of dew/vapors or a hot-house effect]. We see such a condition in a limited scale in the Amazon Rain Forest – which causes fauna and vegetation to grow huge.

Finally the day arrives when the door of the Ark is closed, inside is all the animals [2×2 and 7×7], plus 8 people – Noah and his wife, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives. The rains come – but how they come is the key available to understanding the surface of the earth and the deep oceans of today. In Genesis 7:11 we learn of two sources of water, the “great deep burst open, and the skies were opened.” This is significant because the water fell from the sky, but also burst forth from the ocean floor! In other words that which was down jutted up and that which was up sank down. This probably happened through the shifting of tectonic plates and the formation of our land masses now. I believe as do many other “young earth” proponents that for the first time, there became an atmosphere as we know it today. Yes I believe in the “canopy theory.” The atmospheric conditions after the flood are radically different from before. In the “Canopy” there is minimal effect of the moon and sun – mankind lived longer because he was not subjected to the current “radiation” and climatic conditions as we are today. This has all been verified by the fortunate observance of the Mt. St. Helen volcanic eruption. Geologist have been able to document their observation of the aftermath and find remarkably similar results – again visit http://www.icr.org for more information. The Ark and people were sealed up for one year and 10 days from the time the rains started. I cannot explain how the animals were taken care of during that time – but God enabled it to be so. Sometimes we can get caught up into the Flood epic and forget what God was doing. Mankind had become so evil and sinful – God determined to destroy not just mankind but all creation as it was during that time. A New Beginning, with a very select – faith few in Noah’s family. I hope as you read this you will understand it was not the Plan of God/Creation that failed – it was the sinfulness of man. Romans 3:23 – all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god. Sin must always be dealt with. There is the symbolism of the Ark saving people from the water, as a picture of man being saved from the waters during the Exodus and our own Baptism. Something we need to remember – even though we are so sinful; God doesn’t give up on mankind – He redeems him!  Of course we have the rainbow as God’s covenant promise that the world/creation will not ever be destroyed by water [net time it will be by fire]. So in a disastrous situation, God’s Promises and Mercy are evident.

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Rainbows and Promises

Amidst the onslaught of message traffic from the SCOTUS decision yesterday I pondered whether to post anything about the Homosexual marriage decision. The rainbow [symbol of the movement] was used by Jehovah God to promise that the world would not be destroyed by water again. The rainbow has been plastered everywhere since the decision, even on the White House in D.C.

I cannot help but think of the significance of God’s promise not to destroy the world again, and the use of the rainbow by proponents of homosexual marriage.

God could no longer “strive” [Genesis 6:3] with man and his sinful condition. One man – Noah was found to be righteous. Through Noah 8 people were saved/rescued by God from total destruction.  Genesis 6:5 – God saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. It grieved God that He had made man, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land.”  A huge word every time it is used – “But”. In this case But Noah found favor with God.[Gen 6:8]

The word “But” gives hope to mankind. All it takes is one person to live righteously before God to extend His grace and mercy. This was the case with Abraham too, the Father of our faith.

All mankind is sinful – Romans 3:23

All deserve death – Romans 6:23

All Can receive forgiveness and the gift of eternal Life – Romans 10:17

Confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and His work of redemption on the Cross of Calvary

All Can be made a New Creation – 2 Cor. 5:17

While mankind elects to live in rebellion to his Creator, the Creator stills offers love, forgiveness, pardon and everlasting Life.

Mankind/Satan [the liar and deceiver] has always distorted what was made “good” by the Father.

We cannot change mankind; we cannot legislate morality; we cannot expect “the World” to embrace Gods ways.

The Church [Bride of Christ] has not kept herself chaste for her Groom; Israel did not do it; nor has the 21st Century Church. We have chased after gods of comfort and convenience; pleasure and popularity. When we look at the world and the condition it is in; shall we not also look at ourselves , the Church and find what condition we are in as well?

I believe that the world is just living out who they are; the world has not found the “God mandate for marriage successful.” The marriage by the world has been found broken with its divorce rates and dysfunctional families; is it no wonder that they are looking for other “options to marriage.?”

I think that the Church has been so enamored by the need for “attendance levels” to continue their way of doing church, that we have sacrificed the scriptures to accommodate the sins of people who can fill out church buildings.

I believe that the ruling by SCOTUS is a reflection of society, Satan and the failures of Believers.

“But” – there’s that word again; just as God used Noah and Abraham along with others, He was able to Restore His cultural of holiness and righteousness. Will God find anyone willing to stand in the Gap and pray for the land so that God would not destroy it – Ezekiel 22:30-31

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