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Hallelujah Chorous

We finish the Psalms this week, well almost – Psalm 150 is next week. But the point of the Psalms reading this week is about the crescendo that comes at the end of 150 Psalms – a shout of Hallelujah comes resonating from the Psalmist. David has given us a birds-eye view of his prayers and relationship with the LORD. The last fifty Psalms are called the Ascents and Halle; these were used to worship the Lord during the various feast celebrations. I noticed with these final praise Psalms there is almost a personalizing of creation. In Psalm 147:16-18 we have an extended look at the various ways water can be seen – further displaying the creative and artistic ability of our Creator God. Psalm 148: 7-12 gives a running flow of creation depicted in Genesis 1, and creations Praising of their creator. It almost seems like the Psalmist is trying to give a human personality to creation. Yet we have to know that Romans 8:20-22 tells us that creation groans and longs to for the day of its restoration. So a anthromorphistic connotation to creation besides mankind really isn’t out of bounds theologically.

In these final Psalms, we have a continuous Praising and singing – I have been asked “what will we do it heaven? Just Sing?” With all the music and worship wars here in American churches the last 30 years – we will have to come to grips that our audience is God and that He loves repeated choruses! See Revelation 5 and Isaiah 6.  The pleasure of our Lord is what we should seek. The last fifty Psalms are there on purpose – so many times we find that there is annotation about many of the Psalms – “Written for the Choir Director.” Today we have many song writers using the Psalms and other scripture for the lyrics of their songs. Yet I hear too often – I don’t like that music – Why can’t we have hymns!? Believers should sing the Word back to God. It is in the music sang for the LORD in Worship that prepares our hearts for the spoken word through pastors and teachers. If we are so focused on whether we like a song or not and get fixated on our displeasure – we have missed out on the pleasure of the Lord hearing our [your] voice sing praises to Him.

Pleasure – the greatest pleasure should not be our own; but the pleasure of someone else. Yes we need to be pleased with worship – but not to the point that it becomes all about us – musical likes and dislikes is deeper that personal tastes. The song is used to stir the hearts of those signing, and bring pleasure to the hearers. Make a joyful noise! Sometimes I think that we haven’t really gone too far – I remember the music wars in the 60’s and 70’s between parents and children. I’m talking about secular music – those that came out of the 30’s and 40’s had their own style of music – when something else came along – many times it was rejected because it wasn’t what people were use to. Do we really want to spend out time with God complaining about music that He loves to hears – yes God loves the music of all people – especially when it is praising from the Heart of His Child!

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