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The Upright and the Wicked

In Proverbs 10-18 we find the heading of the chapters identifying a continuing contrast between the righteous and the wicked. We could state this as the Lost and the Saved, but that wouldn’t hold true. I know believers that at times act like the lost and Lost acting more godly than believers. A better way might be the Worldly and the Godly. In our current culture, which has been identified as pro-Christian [I think it’s more pre-Christian again] the world is upside down. In almost every instance or life situation we find that there is a right and wrong that has been diluted – making people think that much of life [if not all] is full of gray areas. The moral, ethical, educational, gender, wealth, poor, social justice, marriage, divorce, abortion, right to bear arms and anything else we could talk about has become a battle field. In a bible study recently I asked the question is there right and wrong? Or do we really live in a gray area where every subject is up to the discretion of the individual? Solomon is very clear in distinguishing the practices of the wicked [worldly] and those of the Upright. Reading through these chapters an overarching theme is present – that of the mouth and lips. Over and over again Solomon relates the good or bad through the words echoed from the mouths of the person. It seems that Solomon is trying to make sure that we understand that what “comes out of a man” is what defiles him; indicating the condition of the heart.

I have found today’s cultural society is mind-blowing. I hear and see things that are both appalling and unbelievable. How depraved we are as people. I keep coming back to the verse in Judges 21:24 – “there was no King in the land, and every man did that which is right in his own eyes.”  Is it too late? Have we fallen into the abyss of wickedness everywhere, where there is no hope? Is this the last days? Are we to expect the imminent return of Jesus? All these questions come to me as a Pastor. Honestly, we are in the last days. Are we beyond hope? I would say no on an individual basis, but I cannot say that about the corruption of our nation, church and world.

There is the struggle with people and with me – do we become pessimistic or should we try to remain optimistic? When we read the Proverbs and the daily life scenarios presented – we have to keep in mind there is still choices to be made everyday by us. We can choose to love the Lord God and obey His precepts and Word, or we can reject Him and live for ourselves – knowing that judgement will be incurred.

Daily life is difficult when all things seem to be in order – Life becomes a daily battle of the Spirit and the Flesh when two worlds collide that of righteousness and wickedness. Wisdom and discernment is absolutely required to keep from falling into the wiles of the Wicked – i.e. Satanic forces.

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