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Creation Waits

This post will reflect on Psalm 104. The writer uses literary language to give creation a personality and life. In Romans 8:20-22 tells us how that creation groans for the day that it is restored, the rule of Jesus Christ, the Creator of creation and its sustainer. Creation has been subjected to the after effects of the Fall in Genesis 3. God cursed the ground, thus bringing thorns and weeds into an otherwise pristine gardening condition. The groaning of creation because of the rebellion of man tells of the overarching effect of sin. Sin saturates everything it touches. One day [sooner than we think] creation will be liberated from the curse. In Psalm 104, the writer explains how God created creation and how even the animals are “programmed according to the instincts fashioned in them.

Recently, the Ark Adventure in Kentucky has made some news; basically from people who felt the builders and organizers were given inappropriate allowances that crossed church and state guidelines. Anyway, I would like to go see the full-sized replica and visit the creation museum that is associated with it. Psalm 104:6-9 talk of the Flood event. There is much speculation on whether the Flood was an actual event or a myth. There are other accounts in other religions about an earth-covering flood. [Enuma Elish ]In verse 8, it says that the mountains rose and the valleys went down; that the waters covered the mountains.

Also in verse 2-3, it speaks to what many have construed to be a “canopy” type covering over the earth. This canopy collapsed and the waters came down and up from the deep springs in the oceans. There have been numerous studies by modern scientists to find the beginning of earth’s origin. The problem is the scientist will always come up with erroneous data and finding if they do not take into account the Flood event. God has set creation in its place. It responds to the commands of its Creator. The waters had to obey Jesus, for His authority was known by them. If the Flood account isn’t taken into account, the finding of man will always be based on a faulty model. What I mean by this is geologically the earth scientist are exploring is not the earth that was initially created. If the mountains and ocean floor came up, which fossils and other sedimentary rocks indicate, then scientists are looking at what use to be the ocean floor, not the land mass that was exposed.

Speaking of the “canopy theory” – the terrarium affect which allowed the earth to water itself without rain becomes clear. Also the age of mankind and how long they lived. Many would like to create different days and seasons to make up for 900 year old men. But if we take into account the “collapsing canopy” we find that then the moon cause tides, which cause winds, atmospheric conditions that we call weather! Not only do we have a precisely created and balanced ecological system; we find that mankind is not exposed to “radiation” or the sun. After the Flood event, men began to die earlier, people have asked my why this happened. I try to explain to them that mankind after the Flood lived in a completely different geography and ecological world.

In Psalm 104, we find that Creation is fulfilling its purpose for both mankind and the animal world. Creation has been altered from the original, it awaits the return of its Creator Jesus to put His creation back to “Normal.”

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Creation and the Creator

It is fitting that this first blog for 2017 be about the Beginning – for we all have this “natural” new start with the New Year upon us. What we do with it, as far as success or failure is yet to be determined.  My hope and prayer is that each of you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to know the peace of God which passes all understanding. Now on to the Book of Genesis – the book of beginnings. We learn of OUR beginning, not God’s. There isn’t anywhere in the bible that tells us where God came from, and how He came to be. “In the beginning” refers to when God began to do His creative work. Now I have to predicate this study in Genesis with a caveat, there is no way to address the entirety of Genesis and all that it discloses. Even in my own reading, I found more questions to ask than before.  The blog will try to give a synopsis of our reading. Obviously this will be limited to time and space.

There is great debate on the “day” definition. Are we to think that each day is a 24 hour day or some era of time, like an age/time span? This has been debated over and over again. The struggle with the “day” is the need for us to have a long enough time to reconcile the findings of scientific experiments; that and reconcile the long life span of the early primordial fathers. I have an example that may shed light to this. In John 2, Jesus turns the water into wine. The wine was chronologically only minutes old, yet it tasted aged or mature. When we try to reconcile the scientific measurements of time, they are given as chronological time, yet when God created, He is not limited to Chronos time, but kairos time. In other words the earth and all of creation was as old as God wanted them to be when He created them. Adam was a mature being, he had the ability to fend for himself, oil in the garden and the ability as an intellectually developed man to name all the animals. So when we hear that billions of years ago scientific remarks, we must remember that their findings may be true, but that the earth was the age that God wanted it to be [or appear] when He created. I am a young earth proponent. This means that I hold to an earth that is 12,000 years old or so. I don’t have time space to go into why, but the explosion of Mount St. Helen’s and the geological data recorded clearly establishes the argument for a young earth. ***note look at http://www.icr.org for more information.

When we look at the creation week, we find that God was in fact preparing the earth and universe for the habitation of mankind. Mankind is placed in an already mature, producing agricultural environment.  It is interesting, that the old question of which came first the chicken or the egg is answered in chapter one. Clearly and repeatedly we find that everything reproduced after its own kind. This eliminates evolution from the macro sense.  Chronos time doesn’t start until day four. [Genesis 1:14-19] Our time is marked by seasons and orbits, God’s is not. In creating God created by “speaking into existence” all things – this is called Ex Nihilo – from nothing came. When we think of the absolute power of God – the things He spoke into existence had to come about for His power is omnipotent!

Genesis 1:26-28; gives us the implied Trinity existence – “Let Us” the plural use indicates the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in cooperation creating man. Now man was created from dust, formed and fashioned by God – unlike all other creation. Also, man became a living being – a soul person by virtue of the “breath of God” breathed into man. As God created, His commentary about what He created was – It was good, but mankind, the pinnacle of creation He says It is Very Good. In Chapter 2, we get a synopsis again of creation; plus the addition of woman; being formed from the side of man. The institution of marriage is captured for us – the reason “It is not good for man to be alone.” God created deliberately, by design and with dutiful functions for all of creation. Male and female were created by God – the ongoing distortion of what mankind is doesn’t change the fact that God created Male and Female; only two gender identities. It doesn’t matter how someone “feels” what matters is how they were created biologically and physically.


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