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Call Upon the Lord

Psalm 116-118; the writer goes to get lengths to talk of his “conversations” with the Lord. Prayer as we know it seems to have a pendulum nature; we cry out in prayers to the Lord to deliver us in times of crisis and trouble; but seem to neglect talking with the Lord when things are calm or routine.  I have wondered if Prayer was called something else would people be more readily desiring to “talk with the Lord?” My D Min was on intercessory prayer to make an impact on a declining and dying church. People talk more about praying than doing. I have noticed even in Church meetings and services there is a reluctance to pray – or pray publicly; even over fellowship meals. We say we have prayer meetings, but in most cases very little praying goes on. Now I know that there are folks that have a deep private prayer life and intercede for others continually, but the Church would benefit greatly if they prayed more together. In Acts 1, we find that the church needed 10 days of continual praying for them to get “ready” for the Holy Spirit. Too often our praying is haphazard at best, we pray over the sick, hurting, medical conditions and the like; but rarely does the Church engage in serious conversation with the Lord corporately.

Psalm 116 brings a joyful note to praying – the LORD hears me! My voice is heard, God listens, not just hears our words. He has inclined, stooped down to hear the groaning and laments of His child. Would that we would speak blessing and praise to His name more.

1 Timothy 2:1 admonishes us to pray for all, supplications, intercessions, praise, thanksgiving, confession and repentance to the Lord. ACTS -Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication acronym is a good way to start our prayers.  Too often we jump right in with all the things we want God to do for us. Not much of a conversation if it is all ” I want, I need you to do for me talking if we don’t cherish the right and privilege of entering into the presence of the Lord.

Three times in Psalm 116 – “And I called upon the name of the LORD.” emphasis, use His names because they are descriptive of His nature. Jesus our Savior, is seated at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for us. Why, because we have an accuser of the brethren!

I love the verses in Revelation 5:8 and 8:4 where the incense is described as the “Prayers of the Saints.” To know that our prayers are not wasted, but kept and made to be a sweet smelling fragrance to the LORD. The strength for daily living is found in our daily quiet times and public conversations in prayers to God on behave of others.

Out of our “conversations” comes the power and strength to face the daily stresses and trials of life on earth. We fail to recognize what the LORD does for us on a routine basis. His lovingkindness [mercy] is continually applied. He is longsuffering [patient] with us. How or why a holy righteous God wants to have intimacy with men is beyond my understanding – but Praise God He desires it so!

We must be cautious when praying, and to be careful to pray in the will of God; James 4:1-3 exposes some very selfish and carnal praying. We lust and want for ourselves to be satisfied. We have only our comfort in mind, not the Will of God for our life.  Life is difficult – it rains on the just and the unjust. We have an Advocate in Christ Jesus, He is pleading our case and defending us against the wiles of Satan! Let us rejoice in the Name of God and His Son Jesus Christ. He is For Me – Psalms 118:6-7!

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