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Holy Holy Holy

This is a combination blog for the reading of Exodus 37-Leviticus 5; the reason for this is the common thread of thought.  While we finished up Exodus last week, the thought was how precise is the instructions for the LORD to Moses on the construction and materials for the Tabernacle of God? The Tent of Meeting, the place where God would meet the Priests – who were to minister to HIM. Too often we think that we minister to people; but our ministry is to the LORD on behalf of the people. I am guilty as all of us are that we forget that our ministry was given to us by the father. The ministry is to bring from the people To THE LORD, we stand in the gap so to speak on their behalf. But our worship is to the LORD God. I did some simple calculations, they were rough, but the cost of the Tabernacle with all the furniture and veils comes to about $40 million in today’s dollars. I thought it was interesting that prior to Moses bringing down the instructions for construction, the people had already had made a mockery of the resources the LORD let them take from Egypt – in the form of a Golden Calf. I wondered how many times, man has used God’s resources for their own “worship” instead of the work of the LORD? The artifacts that were constructed were to be beaten metals, not molten – wondered if this was because of the idolatry earlier? Needless to say with all the instructions to be followed, how long would it take to make all the necessary items as prescribed by God? Nearly a year. The details are overwhelming! I have gone through a building program; whew, not something I want to necessarily do again. There are so many details to think of and put in place. The “gifts” from the people was a very encouraging word to me. Like Psalm 127:1 says If the Lord doesn’t build the house, the labors work in vain. There was no shortage of building materials. The people were compelled to bring the “offerings” to build the place of worship to the point that people were told, Quit bringing – we have too much! Only one other time do I know this occurred in scripture – when the people were asked to bring “offerings” for the building of the Temple by King David. Too much – tell the people to quit bringing. I have not heard of such a thing in our day. But I do know that Jehovah-Jireh [the Lord will provide] works if the people will listen.  From the Lamp stands, to the brazen altar and Table of Bread and Incense, the Tent of Meeting was constructed. Then the laying out of responsibilities for up-keep and assembly when the people moved to the specific tribes-each at their own place around the camp. God spared no expense in building the place where He would be present. Just as God was putting His name on the Temple of Solomon, God spared no expense in worship of the people of Him. Our Savior Jesus Christ was more costly than all the Gold, Silver or Bronze that was used in either or both of the Tabernacle or Temple. God spared no expense in enabling His people to come worship Him. Too often, when we come to the Sanctuary today, it is almost a sacrilegious act – for there isn’t any respect or awe for the Place of Worship. I think of the High Priests and hold they had to cleanse and wash themselves before they could enter into the Presence of the Lord. Can’t come to the Presence of God filthy – yet how many times do we do this without even thinking of who we are standing in the Presence of? Long before any “God offerings” were prescribed, the details of the Place and Priestly function were established. The Offerings – the best – without defect, given at the pleasure of the worshipers to be “Pleasing to Jehovah.” As I read through the many “offerings” and how there was specifications of what was given to God – it sounded more like a BBQ. The fat of an animal is the taste, and smell of good aromas. Our Worship is to be Pleasing to The LORD – not an exercise to justify ourselves. The command – Be Ye Holy and I am Holy.

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