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Humility rather than Arrogance

2 Chronicles 33-36; The same story is told over and over again in the Book of the Kings and the Chronicles of how a King rises to prominence and then falters later on it his reign. We left Hezekiah at the height of his reign; he became arrogant and prideful and God humbled him. The repentance by Hezekiah restored the blessings of God toward his rule. Hezekiah does get mortally sick and prays to the LORD for more time; God answers the prayer and extends Hezekiah’s life 15 years. Now you wouldn’t think that 15 years would make all that much difference; but Hezekiah has a son named Manasseh who winds up being probably the most evil king in all of Judah’s existence. We know from previous accounts that Manasseh worshipped the fire god Molech; and he made his sons be sacrificed to the idol god. In 2 Chrono 33:6 we read that he [Manasseh] did worse than the gentile tribes and clans that God removed from the Promised land. He practiced divination, sorcery, dealt with spirits and mediums which angered God vehemently! He installed idols in the House of God; erected idol altars and made Judah  and Jerusalem more evil than the surrounding nations. BUT – when God rebuked and disciplined Manasseh, Manasseh humbled himself before God and God forgave him. In that repentance Manasseh began to reform Judah by tearing down all the previous idols and altars he erected. I am so amazed at the great forgiveness and mercy of God! The mere act of humbling ourselves, regardless of the sin and evil we have done – God responds with lovingkindness and mercy. Folks that’s mind blowing!

Amon, Manasseh’s son takes over, but only last for two years – why so short, because he did evil in the sight of the LORD and would not HUMBLE himself before God. God had no option but to pour out His wrath. In fact, Amon’s own people kill him. I wonder will America ever come to the point of refusal to be humble before God that He has to pour out His wrath on us? Remember the slightest indication of humility before God enacts His love and mercy!

Enter into the history story one child King called Josiah. Now you would think that a young boy, or anyone for that matter with the family heritage as he had would do evil like those before him; nope- He did that which was pleasing to God as “his father David did.” Hear of some of the reforms Josiah did – purged the high places of idols, tore down the altars, burned the bones of the false priests, chopped down the Asherim poles and led Jerusalem to restore the Temple. It took him 10 years to do all the work of reform. The struggle about the reforms was they were from the King Josiah; but hadn’t been bought into by the people. This tells me that people don’t want gross evil; but they do want to dabble in sin. During the restoration of the Temple the book of Deuteronomy is found. Josiah rips his clothes, understanding the horror of wrath from God because of the rebellious fathers of Judah. A revival breaks out, the Word of God is read and great conviction comes over the people. The Passover is reinstituted – 2 Chron. 3517-19 tells us that the Passover was not observed like this was since the days of Samuel – that mean Saul, David and Solomon never observed the Passover like King Josiah brought back!

Josiah dies as a result of not listening to the King Neco from Egypt. Neco tried to warn him not to fight at Carchemish [the LORD was speaking to Neco] and Josiah dies. After this we have a “king, king, who is the King, merry go round. The fall of Judah is eminent; Jeremiah the prophet has been preaching the warnings from God, but no one pays attention. King Nebuchadnezzar ultimately takes Judah captive through three deportations. Israel, Judah and Samaria are all besieged by gentile nations for their rebellious evil acts against God.

We have the return of the deportees and the restoration 70 years later as it is written in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah – but then that is another story.

In conclusion; I have spent 4 and half years blogging the entire Bible. I will continue from time to time adding other blogs. But the Bible Blog ends today. Thank you for all who have followed through the years. It has always been my prayer that God would use this technology for His Glory – Through the years I have had people from some 35 different countries join in the reading of this blog. I will keep all the posts for others to access.

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Boy King acts Like a Man

2 Kings 22-23 is the account of Josiah the 8 year old king of Judah and how he grows into a man of God. When we left off Kings Hezekiah was sick and asked the Lord to heal him and extend his life. God hears his prayers and grants him 15 more years to live. The are not productive years, for he acts foolish during those years with prideful boasting of the riches in the Temple. He also has a son names Manasseh, the most wicked immoral king Judah ever had. He worshipped the god Molech and makes Judah sin by throwing their sons into the fire to appease Molech. Now it makes you wonder sometimes, if it would have been better for Hezekiah to have died earlier instead of getting a longer life? We would not have had Manasseh or Amon the two wicked idolatrous kings rule over Judah; but then again we would have had Josiah as king either. Amon doesn’t reign very long as king, I suppose the people got tired of all the idolatry. Anyway Josiah becomes king at 8 years old. At 18 we read that he tells all the money collected in the Temple tax from the people to be used to restore and repair the dilapidated Temple of Solomon. Incidentally; Jeremiah begins his prophetic ministry during this time. [See Jeremiah 1]

A sad commentary happens when the priest Hilkiah tells Shaphan the scribe that he has found the “book of the Law” in the ruins of the Temple. Now before you get to thinking too far in advance – the Temple had not been attacked by outsiders, but had been neglected by the people of God. I have seen this happen in my time as pastor, where the Church facility had become a disgrace to the Lord and the public because it had not been cared for properly. Some may be saying right now that the Church isn’t the building – sure but it is the place of worship and people come to it to worship – what statement does your church facilities say about your commitment to God? The community does notice such things. The sad thing here is the Temple [Church] is in ruins from neglect, yet there was plenty of money to do what was necessary – in fact they didn’t even keep strict accounting of what was spent! Back to the Book of the Law, most likely it is the Book of Deuteronomy. When it is read Josiah tears his clothes in sorrow and repentence.

I have an outline for you here:

Remember, read, repent, restore and reform.

This is what happened when Josiah heard the Word of God. It sound like it could be a prescription for revitalization and revival.  Josiah this child King will bring glory back to the House of the Lord, and begin tearing down the “high places” that his grandfather and father built and maintained. It is said that Josiah did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord. Josiah had to tear down the high places that even Solomon built for Ashtoreth and Baal. The reason they were built  was Solomon married many foreign women as a means to keep peace on his borders; but the result was apostasy for Judah.

Josiah does extensive reforms during his short time as king [31 years]; the problem was that it was a result of Josiah coming under convictions and repentance not the people. For as soon as Josiah dies [because of an ill-advised war] the people and priesthood return to idolatry with Baal.

In chapter 23:21 a very confusing statement – Josiah commands that the Passover be reinstituted, for it had not been observed since the time of the Judges. What is the world? That’s over 500 years of failure to remember what God did miraculously at the Red Sea and Egypt? Scripture also tells us that Josiah removes the “mediums, spiritisms, teraphim, idols and all the abominations.” How low Judah had fallen; yet we cannot say much because if we look at our own churches and nation, we will be indicted for our idolatry – oh that we would remember the Word of the Lord, Read it and Repent of our sins, begin to restore the glory of God back to His place of worship and institute Reforms for the Church and the Community. Sadly, Josiah was the las king to have favorable comments from the Lord about him.

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