Jude: Last Days

Jude: Last Things

            Jude, the brother of James the Younger, not to be confused with James and John the Sons of Thunder. This is a very short prophetic book and is filled with many questions and references outside of our ability to fully comprehend. Topics such as angels, prophecies and the spirit of Balaam are things which will be constantly debated and never settled. So, let us focus on what we can understand, and discover why this small book was included for our benefit in the scriptures.

            Something that I had to finally accept about the church and people who profess Christ, but do not possess Christ – there are unbelievers in the Church. Shocking I know, but as Jude says, they have crept in and have been rewarded for their attendance record, yet never been challenged for a Testimony of Conversion. It should not come as a surprise that many churches are ran like a business instead of a body of believers. Jesus tells us that there are those who “cried Lord, Lord did we not do . . . . ?’ and Jesus tells them I do not know you. Profession is not possession. Jude tells us to “contend for the faith.” This is a good word; I have found that people will compromise and collapse like a deck of cards with they are pressed for their faith. I cannot help but think of the likes of John Hus, William Wilberforce, and John Wycliffe who suffered and sacrificed for the Gospel.  

Jude gives us examples from the Old Testament of the rebuke of God towards these charlatans. He tells of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Balak and Balaam. Even telling of Enoch and the ungodly generations that follow. It is sad to say we live in a day such as Jude describes and find that many in leadership positions, including Pastors are described in Jude 16 – preaching for sordid gain. It has become a job, instead of a calling.             The good news is found in Jude 17 – “But You. . .” keep building, praying, waiting for the Promise of Eternal Life promised in Jesus Christ. So, what is the message – the world will continue as it always has [as in the days of Noah] but that does not mean we have to succumb to the way of living.  Jude admonishes the believers to have mercy on some who doubt, save others, snatching them out of the fire, mercy on those who fear or are weak in the faith. While the world is going to Hell in a hand basket – Keep the Faith and continue to do ministry. While we will not save the world, we will save some through the Truth of the Gospel.  Last Days are here – do not be overcome by them – be found faithful as He who has called us is faithful!

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