Wanting to Die

Job 3-7, looking at this title i am sure that many will want to skip over the post. But when we look at Job’s thoughts in chapter three, one cannot but feel the lament and anguish he is feeling. To be so down trodden that one would curse the day they were born is hard to imagine. Yet we find that many today for various reasons have taken their own lives. Now i have never had to endure what Job did in such a few short days; to lose everything earthly that he had cherished. I have heard people tell me “I wish I had never been born!” This almost sounds like George Bailey in the Christmas movie called “it’s a wonderful life.” Life got so overwhelming that George believed that he was better off dead than alive. If a person is without HOPE, the sentiments are very real. The problem with taking ones own life is that it is a lie. The world has a deceiver and liar roaming to and fro to see who he might devour. In our reading, Job is reeling from the pain, but also throwing a pity party. I know that sounds terrible of me, but the very God that he previously praised, is the God that will deliver him. Our faith does get tested, we go through horrendous trials, but we are not alone. God has not forsaken us! Job is in some serious dumps, and along comes his “friend” Eliphaz to talk with him. Now up until now the three friends just sat and looked at Job. No aid was offered, no drink or food; they just looked at Job in his emaciated state.

Eliphaz begins to indict Job by saying that only the guilty or eveil are punished. But there is a air of condescending towards Job – “you offered words of council to others,” to make the point – you acted so high and mighty towards people in your council, but look who is having to eat those words now! I am sure Eliphaz was jealous towards Job, yet i would have thought as a friend Eliphaz would have tried to comfort his friend instead of kick him while he was down?

I guess we do find out who are true friends are when we are down or in trouble. The indictment Job receives is a typical conclusion for Old Testament people. The belief that if you lived right, you would be blessed; but if you had trials and tribulations, they were a result of sin in the person’s life and that God was punishing the person. Today we have adopted the philosophy that “good things happen to bad people and that bad things happen to good people.” While that is true to some degree; it is anything but a concise explanation.

AT this point no one really knows why Job is going through the severe testing except God and Satan. I think the unknowing answer to the “WHY” question probably causes the greatest stress and struggle, for we cannot reason within ourselves the answer. Because of our lack of understanding the WHY, Satan is able to tell us lies and the worse lie is that “you will be better off if you were dead.” Humanity believes the lie, for the goal is to quit hurting [emotionally, physically and mentally].

Job endured the ridicule from his friend, even midst the missing answer of why he was going through the trials. There have been times for all of us that a season of turmoil that seems too much to bear; only to have someone come along and give us their advice or answer to why. Too many voices rattling around in our head prevents us from hearing the one true voice.

God loves us, our hope is in knowing Him and the peace that only He can give through His Son Jesus Christ. Becoming a believer in Christ does not make us immune to trouble and trials. But is does enable us not to have to go through those times alone. Hope is a great need for all of us, especially in our ever-changing culture. Proverbs 3:5-7 – trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.

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