Civility or Chaos

Readings in Deuteronomy 23-27; One of the most discussed challenged topics in the Bible is the matter of the Law; the Mosaic Law. In Deuteronomy we have the “2nd Law” given to the New Generation of Israelites preparing to enter the Promised Land after 40 years of Wilderness Wanderings. Their parents are dead and Moses is the last to die up on Mount Nebo. But before Moses makes his journey up the Mountain, he reiterates what was given on Mount Sinai. Almost everyone knows the 10 Commandments written by the finger of God, and the second set as well. The Ten Commandments have been a staple in Judaism and Christianity. The question repeated by every generation is “Do we still have to obey the Mosaic Law?” It is an interesting question, but there is a deeper question – Do we govern our lives by laws? Today in our global culture we find tremendous push back from any kind of law. One push back is the requirement to wear or not wear face masks in public. As i write this blog the world is entrenched in a Pandemic called Covid-19. As of today over 600,000 have died and millions more contacting it. We have seen restaurants, bars, schools and businesses closed.  The underlying question is “when do we return to normal?” What is normal? I think this is different for each one of us to some extent. My fear of life today is we are living in a Judges 21:24 time. The verse says, “in those days there was no king, and everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.

Now i must admit most of the challenges with the Mosaic Law is about the dietary restrictions. But there is much more to the Law. In the chapters we read this week there is a subtitle called “Sundry Times.” These are various Laws to govern culture situations and protection of society. Laws like, a woman is not to wear men’s clothing, proving or disproving whether a wife was pure at her wedding; adultery and sleeping with man and woman outside of marriage; and restrictions on who can and cannot enter the Temple.  A chapter on divorce; when arguments arise between men; how to bring in the first fruits as an offering to God. Obviously, looking at these Laws our culture IS NOT paying attention to any of them. As the title indicates there are two possibilities for society – civility or chaos. Today i live in a state of chaos, mankind is rebelling in nearly all sectors of society around the globe. Man without God wants to be free to live and do as he pleases without any consequences or regrets; especially having someone tell him he cannot do what he wants to do. A person without the Holy Spirit does not act like a man that God breathed life into, instead he acts like an animal – operating only on instincts.

I made a statement one time “if everyone has their own rights, then no one has rights.” This may appear to be messed up, but think about it if everyone does what they want, their freedoms will overlap others freedoms and rights. Which mean my rights end when they compromise someone else’s rights and this is self-restricting and no one can live completely without affecting someone else’s life.

Today we are having protestors trying to de fund the police across our nations. There is city officials advocating and passing legislation to do exactly that. To me this is absurd! I do hold the belief that there needs to be accountability for those who are put in place to protect and support humanity. The cry is for JUSTICE. I do not want justice, I want MERCY!

In Romans 13, Paul advocates that people [believers] are to obey laws, kings and those who have oversight over us. I know this in itself sounds ridiculous in light of the many tyrants who have been in control in history. When mankind is left to govern himself; lawlessness prevails. [Exodus 32-34]

There is a purpose for the laws and for oversight protects from civil authorities; that said the very people placed in positions of leadership and protection of the people MUST have accountability. The Laws were given for man to have guidance on how to live out not only their own life, but how to live with each other. Laws are for the perpetrator and lawless. If we live our lives both morally and civilly then we have no fear of the Law. Since humanity is depraved and has a fallen nature – Laws are necessary. Are some laws unnecessary and ridiculous? Yes, and they need to be revised. Order and civility mark a nation and people. Today we live in a self-serving, no sacrifice on my part society. We have forgotten how to live as a people, focusing only on the ME!

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