Haman the Henchman

Esther 4-8, a mentor of mine Major Ian Thomas from Torchbearers of the Capernwray  wrote an allegory about Esther, it is called “If I Perish, I Perish.” It is a great read and well worth the experience to see how the flesh, human spirit and Holy Spirit interact for supremacy of the Soul of man. In our previous post I identified that Haman is an Agagite, which means that he is ancestor to Esau, Agag and the Amalekites which Moses and Joshua in Exodus 17:8-16. In verse 16 we find the LORD saying he will have war against Amalek from generation to generation. When we think of the lineage of Agag, it is “the enemy of the Jews.” In 1 Samuel 15, Agag is the downfall of King Saul. He was told to destroy all of the Amalekites, but kept Agag alive and the possessions that he, King Saul thought was worthy. The LORD said destroy everything, possessions, people and animals. He didn’t and Esau’s line continued. Agag like Satan lives to fight another day. Such is the case in our Esther book. If Saul would have been obedient to the LORD, we wouldn’t be fighting Esau’s line today in the Middle East.

You might be asking what is the big deal, well let me finish the line of Agag. Esau fought against Jacob, the chosen of God to carry out HIS plan for humanity. We find the lineage of Esau goes like this, Esau [also called Edom], Agag, Amalek, Haman, Edomites fought against Israel in taking the possession of the Promised Land. Edom- is also called Idumea; where Herod the Great comes from. We know the story that at the birth of Jesus the Christ, that Herod the Idumean, tried to kill all baby boys who would be a threat to his throne. See Esau has never stopped trying to reign on the “Souls throne.” The battle rages even today for our own Lord of our lives.

Back to our story in Esther, Haman comes to great power, where even all the residents of King Ahasuerus has 126 provinces. King Ahasuerus in the allegory is the Soul of man. Haman is the flesh who looks to establish his own kingdom; Esther is the human spirit and Mordecai is the Holy Spirit. When we see in Esther that the “Flesh” becomes king in Haman, he seeks to destroy all that would oppose him. Now understand that the King [soul] gave power to rule over all. When there is opposition to the flesh – such as Mordecai not bowing down, the Flesh looks to destroy not just the representative, but all of its associations. So the Holy Spirit seeks to ascend to its rightful place in the life of man – but is constantly under the attack by the Flesh. Enter Esther, connected to the Holy Spirit [Mordecai] is in position to influence the King[soul], but only under his beckoning. Access to the Soul is not allowed except it allows. The Soul is pleased with the Human spirit and allows access to the innermost part of man.

Haman has become so enraged with Mordecai, that he plots to kill him and his people. Note that Haman, the Flesh does not want some power over the Soul, he wants ABSOLUTE CONTROL.  With the Human spirit in position, the Holy Spirit reveals the plot of the Flesh, and the Jews. Now Esther had not revealed her true identity, so Mordecai reminds Esther that she is the only one who can spoil the Henchman Haman’s plot to eliminate the Holy Spirit in the life of the Soul. Esther takes the task that is before her, and risks all, her very life to get access to the Soul. It is interesting that Esther doesn’t just jump in and spill everything she knows, under the leading of the Holy Spirit she has two banquets. In these encounters we find that Haman [the Flesh] overcome with pride being allowed to have private access to the SOUL. The Flesh is powerful, erects a gallows to destroy the Holy Spirit once and for all. But before the second dinner engagement; we find that the Soul has been awakened to his past. The Plot that Mordecai [Holy Spirit] prevented in chapter 3 is brought to light.  The Soul asks the Flesh, what should be done for the act of saving the King; well Haman winds up leading Mordecai around in parade fashion with great glory bestowed on him by the King [soul]. The second dinner, Esther reveal’s the plot, but now the Holy Spirit has united with the Human spirit to dethrone the Flesh. The King exits and then Haman, the Flesh tries to persuade the Human Spirit [Esther] for mercy. In walks the King [soul and finds the Flesh laying all over the Human spirit.] Under the influence of the Holy Spirit in the Human spirit, the Soul not sees the Flesh exposed.

As the book ends, Haman the Flesh dies on the gallows meant for the Holy Spirit [Mordecai]. We are subjected to the same plot daily by the FLESH, Galatians 5:19-21 exposes the flesh for what it really is; so who do you want to sit on the throne of your life? The Holy Spirit in the Soul or the Flesh seeking its own glory?

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