King Saul’s Self-destruction

1 Samuel 15-19; this section of 1 Samuel is packed full of good and bad. We have the failure of King Saul; his disobedience to the Law; the evil spirit that replaces the Holy Spirit. Saul begins to act like a “mere man” – which really is all any of us are without the Holy Spirit at work in our minds, wills and actions. It is a sad story of Saul, he could have reigned for much longer than he did – but arrogance, pride and jealousy destroyed his reign. We are introduced to God’s chose as King – which will be a perpetual throne. David is promised that he will not lack from one of his ancestors to sit on the throne of Judah. Ultimately this is fulfilled by Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

David is anointed as the future king, only thing is he has to wait 13 yrs. David is a musician – musician’s are a different breed. David is no different – reflecting on his writings in Psalms and knowing the talents of music within him, makes me understand the varied mood swings in David’s personality. As I was reading, I wondered what Jesse thought of all this about David? First, Samuel comes and anoints him, then Saul comes and takes him away to soothe his evil spirit rampages. Something that impressed me – before David became king, he was a devoted and obedient follower. The exact same thing that Jesus, the Son of God was for us.

Of course there are two chapters that tell the story of Goliath, the giant philistine who mocks and ridicules the Israelite armies. He challenged them, or rather called them out to fight him in a winner take all bout. I couldn’t help but think of the movie “Dancing with wolves” where Kevin Costner rides his horse between the two fighting armies – yet escapes unscathed. While the enemy watches and shoots at this apparent suicide soldier, Costner’s army advances and takes them.  For 40 days, the two sides dress in battle array, even go out shouting – yet never engaging. Well here comes young David, sent by his father to take some food to his brothers. David witnesses all the show – yet no one is fighting. Even his brother Eliab, ridicules David for criticizing the battle scene.  Well, we all know that David won the battle over Goliath. When I think of all of Israel standing around waiting for battle, yet to afraid to do anything – I see many churches in the same predicament – waiting for the Man of God to do the work that everyone knows needs to happen. Israel was paralyzed by fear – too many churches and believers react the same way when the enemy calls them out for battle. Yes, Satan will use his tactics of fear and paralysis to keep people and churches from ever really accomplishing the will of God. Stand up o man of God – the Battle is the Lord’s and He needs someone who will stand in the gap and be used!

Saul rather than rejoicing with the success of David, who has become the people’s choice  – also Michal- Saul’s daughter. Saul is enraged with jealousy towards David. He tries to make David his son-in-law by offering Merab – that doesn’t work. But Michal, is the one who loves David and ultimately marries him. The hope of having an inside track” to the movements and thoughts of David really doesn’t materialize – for even Jonathan is enamored with David.

We find why David is so prosperous – the Lord was with him in all that he did. Saul was fighting against his human flesh, the evil spirit of Satan, and the will of God. Saul had his opportunity but he blew it. Instead of praising God for the enemies being subdued, Saul raged with anger, even trying to kill David on several occasions. Jonathan gets Saul, his father to make an oath not to kill David – Saul is a liar. He aggressively tries to confer with Abner to get David killed – but David keeps on succeeding.

The people of Israel got what they wanted in a king – but God put in place his choice for ruler over his people. David is a still just a man. We know that he is “a man after God’s own heart,” but David will have his shortcomings and sin to deal with.

So what are we to make of all this? Serve God, live honestly before men and trust Jehovah for deliverance from our enemies.

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