Hunted and Haunted

In Psalms 140-144 we again get the prayerful writings of King David. The prayers are two-fold for David. He knows he is but dust; he is a fallen man and sinned against the God who continually loves him. When we pray and seek the face of God in our prayers; the Holy Spirit brings to our minds the sin and rebellion in our hearts and thoughts. These thoughts can and do haunt us for we know, God is righteous and He demands holiness; and we fail miserably. Yet he is also a hunted man for King Saul pursues him out of jealousy. It is one thing for believers to be haunted by their continual sins; past and present – quite another to know our conscience is clear and yet we encounter turmoil and tribulation. This is natural for the believer; yet we balk at the slightest inconvenience and complain. David in Psalm 142 cries out to God to hear him and answer his prayers. David who has been anointed by Samuel to be Israel’s next king is being sought after by King Saul. The Spirit of God has left Saul – it only took a matter of about 18 months for Saul [the people’s choice] to fail terribly and experience the loss of God with him. Yet Saul will continue to reign for another 10 years or so. David has to wait; he knows the God has made him king. Saul has tried many times to kill David – the people are enthralled  with David – “Saul has killed his thousands, but David his ten thousands.”  David has had at least two occasions to kill King Saul – See 1 Samuel 24. Saul is relieving himself in the cave opening; even David’s soldiers tell him to kill Saul – saying that God has delivered him into David’s hand. David only cuts off a piece of Saul’s robe. David says he will not come against the Lord’s anointed. I wonder how many pastors wish that sentiment from their congregations! But let’s look at this a bit more. David is in the cave because he is being hunted by Saul and his army. What has David done wrong? nothing the sadistic thoughts and raging jealousy of Saul are the reason David is on the run. How many of us could be like David? Our enemies are delivered right into our hands; yet we do nothing to harm those that mean evil to us?

In Psalm 143 David demonstrates an honorable humility in the way he understands that none could stand before God, righteous in our own right. Verse three revives the haunting of our sins. I had a time some years ago that the haunting and hunting came after me. It was relentless, I had nowhere to hide. The enemy pursued after all day and into the night. The enemy was right in his allegations; I was guilty; I was rebellious and had no defense. Satan is like that; he seek to kill and destroy – John 10:10a. After a period of some 38 days of unrentless conviction and accusations from the devil, I broke. When I say I broke, I mean I came undone. I was a helpless heap of humanity; in my brokenness my Hope, My Savior and Lord came to me in that most darkest hour of my life and “touched Me.” Jesus simply said – “Jim this is why I died for.” The greatest peace shot thought my flesh and bones. Before I was just trying to keep from going to Hell when I die. But now I was compelled and driven to live – yet not me living but Jesus IN me! I didn’t quite understand what the “Dark Night of my Soul” was all about for a few years. Then it came to me I was the prize. Satan desired to paralyze me for my past. Jesus liberated me from it. David was sought after by an enemy; to destroy him – Why – because of the possibilities of what God could do in and through us. I am not a King David, nor are you. But God has fought and won your soul! David turned to the LORD – you are my rock, my shield, my defender, in you and you alone do I take my refuge.

There are people I deal with daily that are being attacked, haunted and hunted by the Adversary. I would say to you don’t give up. Continue to live in Christ’s righteousness. Do not be overcome with evil – but do good to those who persecute you. Jesus has won – do not let the dark nights of your soul become a “haunting cave.” David went on after Saul died to be the greatest King Israel ever had. Had David dealt with Saul in the flesh I believe he would never have been the great King that he was. Always remember when the “why” keeps coming to you about your life situations,, realize God is in the middle of your situation.


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  1. Carol Vernatti

    Great blog pastor. Thank you


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