Whom Shall I Fear?

In Psalms 26-30 we have three personal laments and two prayers of praise. Obviously David and we have a roller coaster of emotions and events that parlay into our daily living. How are we to respond midst the conflict and storms that make up everyday living? Probably the best answer to that is to remain on even keel. If we place our confidence in the Lord Jesus, then we should trust Him for the strength of each day. Now David had problems with Saul, Absalom and even his own moral failure. Like David I find that we often want God to vindicate us. We think that we are better than others, and that the events and issues that govern life – we take way too personal. It is easy for us to see ourselves as right and everyone else as wrong. After all we are the children of God.!

Psalm 26 list some attributes of GOD – His loving-kindness [mercy]; Truth, Wonders/miracles. Too often I think we forget how awesome God is by making Him to Human and small. In times of difficulty I know I default to a “why me” thinking. Yet the scripture tell us that being a Believer will include difficulties and trials. James 1:2-4, 12 & 1 Peter 4:12-14. Jesus our Lord told us that if they persecuted Him they would persecute us. Yet when persecution comes, we whine and cry our “O Lord why me, what have I done!” I did notice that David wanted to be vindicated and have his enemies destroyed. David does bring a bit of boasting about how innocent he is, yet none of us are holy. We must be careful that we don’t think we are too holy and righteous that God can’t and won’t discipline us.

Whom shall I fear – Romans 8:31-39 is a great passage for us to remember. There is nothing that can separate us from the Love of God; natural or man-made. We as believers are secure in the love of God. David repeatedly uses reference to God being his “Rock and Refuge.” The Lord is my salvation – my deliverer – my strong fortress. David in his prayers to God always seem to reflect a condition or conflict that he wants Yahweh to correct; then he brings praise for the deliverance of God. David repeatedly asks God not to leave him, not to hide from him and not to be forsaken.  David and we must take great courage in “the Lord is my defense.”  The last part of Psalm 27 caused me to meditate on if I am willing to “Wait on the Lord?” I think that we all can say that it is difficult to wait when we want to run ahead of God. Isaiah 40:31 that famous verse tells us to wait on the Lord and we will renew our strength. If we are running all the time, we will and do get weary.

The Last to Psalms for the week [28-29] have a heavy connotation of the “Lord’s Voice.” God does hear us when we pray, cry and praise Him. The Voice of the Lord was described by David through creation. But we all are reminded that the Voice of the Lord is a Still Small Voice – 1 Kings 19. Troubles will come our way – especially if we truly live out our faith before the world. We should not be so easily shaken when things go wrong – sometimes things just go wrong. But we must remember that God has us in the Palm of His hand. Even though Job went through all the ordeal of Satanic attacks – “Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him.” If God before us, who should we fear that would be against us? Hear His voice of wisdom and reason – but listen closely to His heart of love and mercy towards you – every morning His mercies are renewed!

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