Morning and Evening

Psalms 6-10, in looking at how the Psalms are written, while we find that they are often created for the Choir Master; they are more readily the thoughts and prayers of David; which are set to music. Charles Spurgeon wrote a devotional years ago called Morning and Evening. These Psalms we read are many times the Prayers of the writer from his Morning and Evening meditations with the LORD.  For example, Psalm 9 and 10 this week are evening prayers.

There is also a couple of distinct themes for the Psalms: they range from laments, to prayers of praise to affirmations of the Sovereignty of God. We talked of David and his dealing with Absalom in Psalm Three; David laments [mourns] before the LORD about his enemies and the adversaries who want to dethrone him and destroy his life. David also speaks often about the injustices that occur in daily life.

When I read these this time I keep in the back of my mind that they could be considered the “journal writings of King David.” They come across as his deep innermost thoughts.  They seem to me that the writings are the soul of David expressing a great ethos at times for the situations of Saul and Absalom towards him.

However, in similar fashion David also brings great worship to his “daily Journal inputs” – David praises God for the justice and providential care he receives. Surely you cannot read the Psalms without gaining the confidence that David has in Jehovah!

Psalm 8 is a wonderful pronouncement of the value of Life and of Mankind. As I read this Psalm, I couldn’t help but be in awe of how special man is in the scope of God’s creation and instrumental in His plans. In this Psalm as with many others there is a “high view” of God. What I mean by this is the LORD GOD is worshiped with great awe and respect. Sometimes we might even call this “High Church;” or more formal, even liturgical in form.

I am not sure, but these Psalms this week indicate a great struggle in the life of the Psalmist. Obviously being the King of Israel is not without its scrutiny; as is even our own lives. How we handle scrutiny speaks a lot about our character. David seeks the comfort of God, and the rests in the knowledge that He, David is walking with the LORD and the LORD will take care of the injustices and adversaries in His own time.  We do well to let the Lord do according to His will rather than try to fight  [devil and enemies] in our own strength. [Romans 12:19-21]

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