Psalms and the Poetry books of the Bible

Well it is 2018! It is amazing to think that as I type this we are on our fourth year of blogging through the Bible. Our reading for this year will be primarily the Poetry books of the Bible; that will leave us only the History books. to follow along on our daily reading list go to 2018 poetry Readings and click on the link. It is in excel so click on it and the reading plan will come up.

Our look at the Psalms will give us a better understanding of the Author – David, a Man after God’s own heart. While David was not perfect, He was the anointed King of Israel.  The Psalms have brought great relief, lifting of spirits and inspiration over the ages. I hope the readings and blogs will lift your spirits as we read the “Songs” of David.

Psalm 1 is a great way to begin the year. It does cause us to stop and reflect on who we are in the grand scope of things. When we know that God is transcendent [outside space and time] and cannot be contained or described adequately with words; yet He is mindful of us. We are His pinnacle of creation. How is it that an infinitesimal God would care about us? Well for one thing we are made in His image. He breathed into us the breath of life. We are a living soul. We are not like the rest of creation; God has put His stamp/ seal on us.

There is a definite contrast between the life of a righteous man and the man of the world. The worldly man listens to the scoffers and the wickedness of men. The righteous will feast on the Word of God. It makes sense then that there would be two different outcomes of their lives. To be firmly planted by a stream, being filled with the refreshing flowing waters, and to know that there will be a fruitful season in our lives. Of course the opposite is true for the one who scoffs at God and lives life for himself. The chaff from the dried up leaves and grass leave an ominous scene in my mind. Looking at verse 5, brings to mind Revelation 20:11-15.

Psalm 2 really depicts the world we live in now. The rulers of this generation are out of control. There seems to be very little respect for them or the position they hold. Rather than be humbled by the awesome task of leading, they become braggarts of their own accomplishments. Its funny but not; that the Lord would laugh at us in our futility of trying to govern the world without Him. There is fair warning about those in power to be the right kind of leader. many of the Kings in the Old Testament found this out. I must understand more fully Romans 13, and the giver of the power for men to rule is God and God alone.

Psalm 3 – this Psalm affected me greatly; I looked back at 2 Samuel 15 which this Psalm is based on. To see the world of Absalom against his father David the King. Yet in all the rebellion against his father; David cries out that he would have rather died instead. Many of us have enemies; oh the sorrow when they are our family! David shows a great weakness in his dealing with Absalom. When Absalom does finally come home; David doesn’t see or talk to him for over two years. It  is in this rejection or worse yet neglect of Absalom that he tries to overthrow his father.


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