Wait For It!

Our reading this week includes Genesis 11-15. These chapters tell an ongoing saga of mankind – left to himself he will make a mess. Sure is the condition of a depraved mind. Mankind without the Holy Spirit resident within, cannot accomplish the work of God. 1 Cor. 2:14-3:6 clearly identifies three different men. The first is a Natural man, clueless about spiritual matters. Then second is the Spiritual man, who is judged by no one, for he is in harmony with the Lord Jesus. Finally, the third man is a Carnal man, one who has experience salvation, yet lives like an unredeemed man. The Tower of Babel story is about mankind living in a self-created society trying to “be all he can be.” It is a clear case of mankind trying to make a name for himself without God. A closer look and we find many of the same thought that Satan had in Isaiah 14:12-14, about becoming God. However, no matter the number of attempts – man cannot be God, so he tries to become “his own god.” The Father in heaven will not tolerate the “creation trying to be the Creator.” In the aftermath of the Babel dispersion, the nations are created. Each man went unto his own language. The other problem here was that man was supposed to go forth and subdue the land – nope, they congregate in the Plain of Shinar. Disobedience cannot be blessed, but even on the discipline of the Lord there is mercy and hope. Out of the Babel event, we follow the lineage of Noah, and Shem to Terah and ultimately Abram. In chapter 12, 15, 17, and 22 Yahweh has made a promise that is eternal. Repeatedly, Jehovah affirms his promise to Abram. Something of note here, it wasn’t until Lot separated from Abram – the original conditions finally are achieved when God called Abram from Ur. I could  spend the rest of this blog post on the drift, departure and discipline of Lot, but something greater is present in chapters 12-15. Abram was 75 when told that he would have descendants like the sand of the sea and stars in the sky. We might wonder why God had to keep repeating the Promise to Abram; well we find the same thing today is equally applicable; vision leaks, we have to be told over and over again the Plan. It is understandable that in order to have a “big” family and that all families of the earth will be blessed through you; means that you must have an heir. It was 25 years before Sari had Isaac. The point here is that we must wait for it! I watch some videos on Facebook or whatever social media, and the video will tell me to “wait for it” so I try to patiently wait expecting something to happen, if I get distracted I then have to reload the video, because in my waiting, I get bored waiting and missed the part I was to be waiting to watch! The Promises of God are yes! 2 Cor. 1:20. The familiar passage in Isaiah 40:31 – rings true here. Do not take matters into your own hands – wait for the LORD to do what only He can do. See it takes the Power of God, in the Man of God to accomplish the Plan of God.  Another verse, do not grow weary in well-doing for at the proper time we will reap a harvest in due time.  Waiting is hard, especially in ministry – we, Pastors want things to go quickly, or at least faster than a turtle’s pace. Obviously Abram did too. He approaches God after the Lord tells “Him I got your Back” – “you keep telling me I am going to be great – it just isn’t happening, what is going on. Do you need my help?”  Abram offers to make a servant named Eliezer of Damascus his heir – man’s solution almost never works. Now the Father is very long-suffering towards us to, that is He is merciful, and His mercy endures forever. Gently, God tells Abram again that the Heir to the Eternal Promise will come from him and Sari.  A wonderful moment takes place, the Lord leads Abram outside and says “look up, now count the stars, if you think you can.” At that moment Abram sees two things – first there are a myriad of stars, the task would be impossible; second Abram realizes just how small he is – yet God has included him in the Plan. I hate to go ahead, but we all know what is coming – Abram can’t wait, so Sari, offers Hagar an Egyptian maid as the “channel for an heir.” Right intentions do not overcome wrong implementation. Isaac came 25 years after the Promise was given, man’s answer – Ishmael came 13 years. Ishmael becomes the father of the Arab nations – and you wonder why they are fighting! Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they shall run and not faint walk and not grow weary, but will sprout up like eagles wings. But you and I have to “Wait For It!”

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