How Great is Our God

I have been overwhelmed the last couple of weeks, and haven’t blogged the last two weeks – so I hope I didn’t lose any of you faithful followers.

With Easter this weekend, we as people of faith can reaffirm how Great God is in His love and mercy for us. The Cross and empty tomb are significant events for we who believe, and a witness for those yet to bevel.  In a world that is filled with “personal gods” of our own making, and those of culture, we need to be reminded how that there is not other god except Jehovah! Israel had forgotten that God had chosen them, He was God and they were His people. He had nursed them like a mother would a newborn child. His protection and providence through the wilderness days seemingly was taken for granted. I wonder if we might have come to a routine relationship and expectation that our Heavenly father will always be there to take care of us regardless of what we might do? God is faithful, oh,  that we would likewise be as faithful. I haven’t quite understood why the community of faith expects God to behave as the benevolent God that He is, when we are so rebellious and disobedient. Isaiah in chapter 40 – brings a great affirmation that Jehovah is God and that there is no other. This echos of the 1st two commandments – thou shalt have no other gods, and you shall not make any idols. In both cases Israel blew it; they were an idolatrous people. The first part of the chapter highlights the coming of John the Baptist as the forerunner of Jesus – preparing the way of the Lord. The time of Israel’s  “war” has ended, this begins a lengthy treatise on the restoration of Israel. This often is looked at being a post-exilic writing; and hence viewed as something after the times of Isaiah. Chapters 40 – 66 are often called Deutro-Isaiah by scholars. It is a new day for Israel, God is showing His favor on them. He has not forsaken them during their time of Babylonian captivity. Famous verse in 7-8 reflect just how temporary life on the earth is; Like the flowers and the grass grow and bloom for a season, then gone.

Rejoicing is in order for the people – God is revealing Himself to His people. It is time for renewal of the covenant that the people had with God. Here is Your God! He has not forsaken you. The omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence is expressed in the last 20 verses of this magnificence chapter.

Beginning with the creator God that Jehovah is, a description of His created acts. The obvious rhetorical questions of who did God consult with? Who measured the waters and keeps them within the boundaries? Who was God’s counselor? Who taught God? Who gave Him His understanding? Of course no one did or could. This is a familiar theme also found in Job 38. God needs none to validate that He is God; no testimony is required to establish the Father as the Lord of the universe and nature. Verse 18 to whom would you compare or liken to God – Jehovah? How absurd could one be to even think of an equal or comparison! Idols no matter their material or quality derived can compare! Haven’t you heard, do you not know that He who stands above the circle of the earth is God? [Interesting that for thousands of years, people thought he world was flat – obviously they didn’t read the scriptures] It is He who rules the heavens, He stretches out His hand, placed the stars in the sky and calls them by name so the song goes. Yahweh is in control – man may try to plant, sow, reap, even advance his position, but it is God that rules over all. Again verse 25, who would you liken to Him, who would be His equal?  Look up and see the grandeur of the LORD Almighty!

Again, do you not know, have you not heard, the Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator does not become tired or weary! But it is He who gives strength for weary mankind. He increases their power, young men, will fail in keeping up with the Lord. Those that are exhausted, those that are weary of living and life – He will renew their strength – when man has come to the end of his rope, God is their to carry us to the end. If we wait on Him – trust in His ways, we will soar like eagles in the winds of the heavens effortlessly! The Christian life so many times is tried to be lived out in human strength – I am reminded that the reason the burning bush of Moses wasn’t consumed is because it burnt from a source other than itself. If we live only on our own strength we will grow weary and faint; but if we live from the strength of God who made us, and depend on Him for life – His inexhaustible character and strength will surpass any difficulty or trial we may encounter. Oh, that Israel must have rejoiced knowing that God was receiving them back as His people – Gladness replaced the captivity sorrow. How Great is Our God, His mercy endures forever!




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