The Rise and Fall of Many

I know that we are reading in Isaiah, yet the reading for the last week has been about the kingdoms that would fall under the authority of God. While these kingdoms/nations would be used of God to discipline His children Israel, there would be a limit to the amount of pain they could inflict. The chapters Isaiah 21-25 appear to be redundant from out previous reading. However, in this case Yahweh is illustrating to Israel the faulty hope of relying on other nations for their protection and well-being. In Luke 2:34-35, Simeon relates to Mary how that Jesus would be the catalyst for the rise and fall of many nations. He [Jesus] has been the subject for past conquering and wars, not all glorifying to God that’s for sure. In the historical setting, Israel and Samaria have been besieged by the big warriors from the North. Judah is being warned, just because they may have escaped the wrath of these Northern nations, it is only for a short time before they too will give way to them.

Today nation upon nation will try to enter into various treaties, pacts or alliances to give themselves some sort of protection against possible enemies. Judah did the same thing in our reading of Isaiah. God the Father reveals what will happen to each of the nations that Israel is trying to cooperate with for their own protection.  God is God and Israel should have sought out the LORD God for protection. In their failure to worship Him as God, He is bringing the discipline upon them, but rather than confess and repent to God  – they continue to move away from His power. Psalm 20:7 says “some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of Lord our God.”

Hezekiah was renown for entering into various treaties with foreign leaders in hopes that they would come fight battles when Judah was attacked.  Israel and Judah should have learned to trust in the LORD. Easier said than done, for today we are no different. We trust in what we see, not in who has us. It is sad for many today are trusting in the devised plans and wealth of the future instead of holding on to the one who holds all things together.

Isaiah has rebuked Judah in chapter 22, for in that he warned them, they paid him no mind. Instead of listening and heeding the warning, they felt secure in the pacts and alliances with enemy nations.  Here in the United States we have entered into many treaties that if a country were to attack one of our allies, we would see it as an attack on us and respond in kind. However, alliances and treaties can be very cumbersome, for if the leadership changes [and it will] the current regime may or may not align with the treaty established.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, I must trust in Him who is faithful and unchanging. I cannot trust my life and future to men of this world, for that would be foolishness. Only the strength and power of our omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God and father of Jesus Christ is worthy of our living and faith! A Lesson that neither Judah, Israel or even America today has heeded.

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