Seals and Trumpets – What?

Revelation 6-11; when we look at these chapters so many ideas and opinions that we have heard collide. So how do we look at these prophetic chapters and glean some understanding? We must first start with the scroll that is mentioned in chapter five. The fact that no one was able to take and open the scroll caused great remorse and tears. However, we read that One Like a slain lamb came forward to take the scroll from the Father. In that moment, Jesus the slain Lamb becomes the Lion of Judah. Questions of when was the earliest time that the Lamb could take the book as the Lion of Judah? It could not have been before Christ’s resurrection; for up until that time; Jesus was not proven worthy – His obedience of the Cross. At His resurrection there is the completion of His worthiness. The second question that comes to mind, How long was the Father holding the scroll? I think that the Father held the scroll from the foundation of the world and that it was only at the completion of salvation’s plan that anyone [Jesus] could even think of opening the scroll. No why would all of Heaven rejoice at the opening of the scroll containing the seals, trumpets and bowls, they are judgment? Until Jesus was found worthy, and ascended to the Father, the END TIMES could not end. In other words there would have been no end to evil and Satan. In Jesus salvation Plan is authored and put in place. With the seals and the trumpets we find that there is a “natural” tribulation that causes crisis to happen to mankind, in each of these crises we find that there is opportunity to repent.  As the scroll is unfolded we are faced with an interpretation problem; too often when we look at prophecy we think of a chronological sequence of events – this is not necessarily true. In other books such as Daniel and even Joel we find that there is often a reflective look at what has been happening all along, not a sequenced event of this happened then that happened. Jesus is Matthew 24:4-8 talks about tribulation days, but from a point of what would be happening in the world, then He adds; but this is only the beginning. My approach to the Seals and the Trumpets is one that follows them through an ongoing matter rather than 1st seal, then a 2nd seal and so on. The nature of the seals reflect mankind’s effect on his world and his existence. From wars, conquering, famine, death, terror and the such – these things happen as a result of mankind in his greed and rebellious state against God. Wars and rumors of wars; these things have been going on forever, yes they have increased, but these are not signs that the end is near. In the Trumpets we find that a shift has occurred; the effects of the blowing trumpets are natural disasters. Each time there is an invitation to repent – similar to what God did with Pharaoh and Egypt – allowing them to repent. I have lived long enough to see both man-made and natural events unfold that caused a “temporary” turning to God. God uses these things in the course of world history in an attempt to bring people to Himself. At the end of the seals and trumpets we have an interlude; it is my thought that because these two stop at the same time, and the Seventh Trumpet looking at the Reign of Christ, that God is allowing the world conditions to continue in attempt to bring man to God; until enough is enough – He knows when that will be. A little ahead of myself, but when the Bowls are released, no invitation, no repentance [even though man wouldn’t do it anyway] – I see this as the wrath of God being poured out on the remaining humanity that was not part of the 1st resurrection.[Rev 20:11-15]

Again my view is Revelation is a book that captures End Times in a parallel fashion not in a chronological manner. In other words there are many things going on at the same time, like a sitcom will have multiple stories. In chapter 11 there is a snap shot of praise and worship in Heaven; also chapter 7:9-17; in both cases we get a scene that reflects heavenly deliverance. I know many people think of a specific Tribulation – but when we look at the Fearful Day of the Lord, and Jacob’s Trouble we find a wrath, not a tribulation. Jesus – In the world you will have tribulation! Yes martyrs, the church has been going through the Last Days since Jesus ascended. We are in the Last Days now – the Last Days began when Jesus took the scroll from God in chapter 5! If we advance to chapter 15; we find that the Bowls indeed are the Wrath – not tribulation. So in closing – God is merciful and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish has been “using” man-made and natural disasters to bring conviction and salvation to the world. We are living during the Seals and the Trumpets now; especially while salvation and repentance present themselves!


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